'Guess What' Music Video by Nova1322 - Rebranding Myself

 Hey guys, I'm getting ready and preparing for my next music video. 

It's going to be on my single, 'Guess What.'

 I wrote 'Guess What' a few years ago and actually created a video but I wanted to emphasize one around my brand. 

I recently created my new logo!
And it took me a while to design it, along with the color pallet, so I wanted to showcase it with this song. 

The outfit I picked for the video, blends nicely with my brand, as it should and I purchased everything on Amazon. I wanted to share with you the items I bought in case you were wondering. So here we go!

The main color of my brand is black so I chose a black dress with some stitching on the sleeves and collar area, while accentuating the waist line. I'm tall, so I tried to stay away from buying a long dress and got a short one instead. (click to view)

As for stockings...I got some that went perfect with the dress. And since I don't want to expose too much skin for the shoot, I thought they were ideal, even for the cold air. The stripes on them gave the outfit a grungy- pretty look and they felt comfy too. I'm thinking of paring my dress with the burgundy ones, since they came in a pack of six. (click to view stockings).

As far as jewelry, chokers were my first choice. 

The velvet chokers I felt, would give me a mysterious yet sweet look so I knew I had to get some cute ones to bring the details out. These matched accessories definitely did the trick!

For shoes...I picked a pair that were so cute and balanced the outfit from top to bottom. The round-toe platforms, made a playful statement and polished everything up, making me look tidy and put together (click to view shoe details). 

My nails of course, will be short since I will be in front of my piano and the polish I chose was definitely black. Black is classic and it's the look I'm going for. I'm also thinking of wearing black gloves trimmed at the fingers, since I will be playing the keys in the video. 

I know this style seems super goth but it really isn't that dark. This is what felt natural to my personality and I think it moves toward more of a sassy look with a fun-innocent flair. All in all, I view black as beautiful and find it regal.

Can't wait to begin this journey of rebranding myself through this video. I will update you on my music video in the coming days for my song, 'Guess What.'


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Thank you for visiting my blog today. I hope you come back very soon. And if you want full details on all these items, just click on the images above. Thank you again and God bless.

Many blessings,


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