New Music Video by Nova1322

 Hey guys, I just wanted to blog about a few updates concerning my music. I'm in the process of starting an official music video to my song, Heaven Knows

There's a lot of really good places where I live to film the video, which is the desert, so I decided to capture some spectacular scenes for this song. The whole essence of the desert vibe will do it justice, I'm sure of it. Not only is there a lot of diverse texture across these landscapes, but I'm surrounded by breathtaking skies that are nothing short of heavenly. 

My song Heaven Knows is a song about Jesus and how He reigns as King in the midst of those not really sure of this realization. The invisible is a reality to most but the unseen for some is hard to believe, but heaven knows despite of it all. 

Heaven is aware of Jesus being the only truth. God's Kingdom knows everything. And if we meditate long enough and pray for God to show us the truth, we too will know what this beautiful place knows.

And that was my goal since the beginning when I wrote and produced this song and now even more so with this music video. 

I hope this music visual will magnify the whole story line behind my song and I pray it will bless you and bring you to a place of peace and realization while drawing you closer to God's habitation where knowledge is freely revealed.

Thank you for visiting my blog and if you're interested, you may listen to Heaven Knows on Spotify or any other music distributors, until then, please visit and come back again.

Many blessings,




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