Hello, thank you
for visiting my website. My name is Nova. I'm a Christian singer and songwriter and have been writing music for many years. I've also been playing the piano for over five years. You can hear my music on Spotify and other streaming services (such as iTunes). I'm also owner of Light in the Arts, a company of Christian Art and I currently reside in sunny California. I became a Christian in 1999 and wrote my first book in 2008, The Search of my Life - about my testimony and how I became a follower of Jesus Christ. I look forward in creating more art; to give what was freely given to me by God.

Artist / Evangelist:

The moment I surrendered to Jesus I started evangelizing anywhere and to whomever. In fact, just weeks after my transformation I was in Mexico on a mission trip with my church performing skits for troubled kids in Juvenile Hall. I was acting out Jesus on the cross and I had so much fun doing it. But the best part was, kids actually gave their lives to Jesus and were saved that day. I knew I was called to evangelize.

But I really felt I needed to use my proclamation drive of the Gospel with my talents. Art, music, dance and literature have always been a part of me. Painting a piece of art or writing a song and integrating Jesus in my art is the way I want to live for the rest of my life. 

            Teacher and Coach:

Teaching and coaching have always been a part of me as well. A prophet once told me there was a teaching gift on my life and he was right. I love to see people learning and witnessing the joy they get when they've completed a skill or discovery. 

I'm well familiar with teaching others even as a
child (not a good thing to have as a child...lol) but I've honed my skills throughout the years. 

I've been a professional dance teacher, coached baseball, ran a student program in college as president, served in the military for 15 years, mentored children in my community for several years, raised thousands of dollars to coordinate local Christian events and been a prayer minister in my church for over seven years. So I understand a lot of peoples needs, their desires and what they value, for the most part. 

                Workshops and Courses:

With all of my experiences, I wanted to integrate these things in my business along side with the creative side of my personality. My company is designed to inspire people with Christian art. Without a doubt. But workshops, courses counseling and prayer all make up the heart of what Light in the Arts is all about. 
Our courses help others utilize their God given talents so that their light can result in tangible results while the world benefits from it. 

I hope you take advantage of all we have to offer and pray Light in the Arts will help you in some way. I would love to be your inspirational coach as well as teach you art through our various courses. Feel free to email us and we will answer your questions as best we can. Thank you again for visiting Light in the Arts.

Our Mission:

We are a private agency that provides Christian art, music, books and courses by Nova1322 to inspire, empower and bring spiritual awakening to the world so that at the end, a better tomorrow for the next generation will evolve, emerge and be established and Light in the Arts will be apart of the next movement of God.


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