You Pick Me Up by (instrumental) Nova1322


Hey guys, I just released my new instrumental, You Pick Me Up and it is now available on Spotify

I really enjoyed composing and producing this piece and I really hope you enjoy it and like the vibes it lends. 

I will definitely add vocals very soon which will be my next music project but for now, please let the instrumental empower you and lift your spirit. 

Whenever I hear this sound which I designed to do, I picture powerful vibes with some impactful choreography to it. In fact, I would not mind at all to create a music video with some sharp choreography art, (speaking now from my choreography experience). 

I really hope that the momentum of this particular piece sticks, since I spent a lot of hours producing it. 

After completing something like this, I tend to take long breaks and seem to forget about dressing it up with a nice video that can take you even further into the songs vibe which is to really bring a mood of good energy to the soul.

Well I hope you get a chance to listen to it on Spotify and I pray, 'You Pick Me Up' will bless you and take you into another dimension of power and love. Click Here to Stream Now!

Many blessings,



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