My Spiritual Journey

Have you ever wondered who Jesus is? I know many have their own take on...who this man is but let me share a story on how I found Him.

Many years ago, I suffered from anxiety and fear of the unknown and the thought of passing to the other side, crippled me. So I took a long journey to find the true meaning of life.

I went far and deep into spiritualism and spent thousands of dollars on new age books. 

My library consisted of endless books of numerology, western astrology, Chinese astrology, psychic reading books and the list went on.

I read and I read until my mind was consumed with ancient knowledge that I thought would solve all my problems...but it didn't. 

I had gotten so far into the rabbit hole that all of my efforts resulted in more darkness and more confusion. 

So I ran to other things that would bring answers, but nothing worked. 

I was left like a lost soul just wondering with nobody to help me. 

Until I realized something.

There was a man that my grandmother used to tell me about. A good and merciful man. His name was Jesus.

And so I began to seek Him out, not wholeheartedly but in a religious way and you guessed it...I found nothing, 

No treasure there. 

And so I continued on my own path doing everything on my own getting into yet more troubled waters.

Then it happened. Low and behold, a miracle unfollded. 

I was going to get something to drink for dinner one night and all of a sudden I heard static though my car radio. 

I adjusted it very carefully and to my surprise, it was Christian music, which of course, led me into hearing the Gospel for the first time in ways I understood it. 

And I realized...that was my answer. 

I needed to surrender completely to Jesus.

Not in a religious way but rather, in an authentic way.

And when I did, with the help of the Holy Spirit of course, I was born again!

Everything changed and I was never the same after that.

It's been many years now and this is not some kind of trend on my part because this knowledge of Jesus I received, never gets old. 

I mean, Jesus speaks to me everyday, and although the journey hasn't been easy, it has all been worth it. 

I have to be honest, it takes a lot of work to be a follower of this gracious King. One has to constantly have open communication with God and that takes a lot of effort. 

Fighting and striving to enter God's peace through His Son is not an easy task but when I do those things, I am left in awe each time and I want more of Christ, because He's alive. And He never disappoints.

All I've received from Him has been nothing but a gift from above. A gift of grace and love solely because He chose to have compassion on me. And for this I will be grateful and praise His name forever. 

I hope you enjoyed learning about my spiritual journey and I really hope it blessed you. Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope to see you soon again. 

Many blessings,



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