Official Music Video - ‘I Believe' Original Song by Nova1322

Hi thank you for visiting my site. I've been really busy preparing for my upcoming official music video to my song, I Believe which I will release in a few months. 

You can stream the song now however on Spotify and all other distributions. 

The main scene of this video will be showing me in a boat named 'Saved by Grace' stuck in the middle of the ocean in a really bad storm. 

Yes, a storm as I try to stay alive while various onlookers are watching me through the television.

In this circumstance, as I almost drown in the sea, I still manage by the grace of God to sing I Believe. 

It's going to be interesting and I hope this video gives you encouragement as you sing along with me. 

Also, I pray Jesus Christ gets all the glory since His glory is the solution to our hope. The bible says, He is the Hope of Glory and even though we get hit in life, if God's glory becomes a reality in the raging storm, that same Glory will help each and everyone one of us to continue to move forward and to still make it to the other side.

Thank you again for stopping by and hope you come back again.

Many blessings,



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