The Son of God - Jesus by Nova1322 (part 6)

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In part 5 I explained the payment the whole world had to pay because of the Fall. During the trial and sentencing of Adam and Eve in Eden however, something else was recorded as God judged the world including the Serpent. 

(But before I continue...I want to point out something, although I reference the Bible, this is just my interpenetration of the Fall. 

As a natural story teller, consider this article and previous ones, as my devotionals. They are my thoughts and opinions of the Bible and urge you to read the bible yourself to see how God speaks to you concerning His Word. 

Okay lets continue...)

It kind of sounded like a riddle laced with mystery. The God of the universe cursed the Serpent with these Words. 

"And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed. He will crush your head, and you will strike his heel." Gen 3:15

Enmity...and why not? The woman had the right to feel such hatred towards the Serpent.

The one who stole everything from her. Paradise, her life, peace and joy. She was stripped from it all and now the whole earth was looking at Eve with disgrace, reminding her of her failed attempt to be like God. 

As shame taunted her and death around her, I'm sure she didn't want to live anymore. 

She birthed the biggest mistake one could ever birth and it was destroying everything, literally and spiritually all because of her disobedience.

So yes, ENMITY between her and the one who deceived her, made sense. 

But God...

added something else...something about crushing someones head and bruising somebody's heel? 

Eve had birthed a bad seed that grew from the FALL but now God is mentioning another Seed. A Seed that will avenge her and CRUSH the Serpents, well...head.

Was Satan aware of this? Did the woman understand? Was Adam knowledgeable concerning this Seed?

Perhaps it would be one of Eves sons who would redeem the world and heal it back to it's original state.

But did anyone really know what God meant? 

Well...I'm sure the Serpent had an idea?

He was an Angel before, so I'm sure he caught a glimpse of some mysteries up there. 

In fact, there was one in particular he kept thinking about.

There was this...well...He resembled those two in paradise...a Man who was reigning up there in heaven...the Perfect One they called Him and was referred to as Gods SON!

This Perfect One, was the exact replica of God...but strangely His form was that of a human, very similar to Adam and Eve except His Light was no comparison to the lights in Paradise. 

The brilliance alone, OF HIS LIGHT, was like no other and heaven couldn't get enough of this glory, especially Lucifer. 

In fact, every time he gazed upon It, all the forces near and far, every electrical circuit in his being and all the energy of the universe would just...BOW!

And it wasn't a forced BOW either. It was the reason for all existence.

It was the purpose for everything, the beginning and the reason for the end. And yet there was no END to Him. 

This caused the stars ☆, the moonπŸŒ™and the sun 🌞, along with Lucifer to worship the Son in Awe. 

At times, the Angles didn't have any control of their own existence as they gazed at Him. There they went. 

Some trembling, others unable to gaze into His eyes but with all their strength some would stare into His human face and would happen...

The King would smile at them and the universe would melt softly with confident LOVE and so proud to be called His own.

Their Creator had zero possibility to ever fail, you see. 

So PERFECTION was GOOD and yet with all of His goodness, the Angels and Messengers couldn't solve His deepest mysteries.

ALL The answers to their questions still alluded them. He remained untouchable because He was never created. He had always been and...will always be. 

So yes, the Serpent had an idea WHO the SEED was, and WHO was going to ultimately turn him into a foot stool, bruising and crushing his head. 

'After all, He was destined to dwell on earth with the rest of the human race. 

This explains His compassionate love. 

The Perfect One will be birthed out from a woman, like a real human-being,' the Serpent thought.

Satan solved it.  

And although the Serpent caught a glimpse of God's plan to redeem the human race, His Son coming to earth and dwelling with the humans wouldn't have been enough for Adam and Eves sins to be forgiven...according to Gods law. 

The Serpent only got a piece of the riddle.

He knew how the Seed was going to arrive but he didn't know who the woman was...and he wasn't sure how The Seed was going to redeem the world.  

This baffled the Snake and because he was aware God couldn't fail, he began to get anxious. 

He smoothed talked Eve all the way to the Fall but now, he was about to defile himself to the greatest level God had not seen. 

And since the earth was his dominion because of the fall, he had more room to work extend his army, to fill it with madness and become more ruthless. 

After all, he was now the Prince of the earth.

It was time to rally the demons and train his evil followers and wait for the Son to be born. 'Let Him arrive into my dominion, that is, if He ever makes it.' 

The hour had come to destroy all the women and babies and cover the earth with so much sin, the Son will refuse to set His holy feet on earth. 

So the Devil prepared strategically and did great evil on the earth. 

It was getting worse and more dark and vile each day after the fall, until God couldn't stand it anymore. 

Until He had enough! 

Until the whole world was under water. 

The Flood had taken place. ⛈

Every living thing on earth was gone. 

Except for one man and his family whom God found worthy of saving. His name was Noah. 

Satan thought he had won again but God kept the human race alive even if it was only one man and his family. They were able to procreate until the Son arrived.

Did this stop the Devil from corrupting the earth?

From generation to another generation man had no regard to do the right thing. The Prince was ruling the world, enticing, manipulating, deceiving and luring people into darkness.

Man had a choice and they chose to do wrong. 

Everything was evil. Love was growing cold and the Devil was causing wars, famines and pride. He was causing all kinds of political senseless junk and intelligent blindness. 

And He kept on going year after year, inflicting people with dumbness, blindness, deafness causing people to lose their minds, their values, their self respect and worst of all, possessing them with demons to live inside of them until they began harming themselves, throwing themselves in fires and cutting their flesh. 

And to those who resisted, he would harass, terrorize, condemn and persecute them. 

No one was safe.

The Serpent was causing havoc on earth and God needed to send His Son to earth soon.

So He chose a nation.

This nation was the Jewish nation and the people of this nation would prepare the earth for the coming King. In other words, the Son who would soon arrive was going to be a Jew. 

The woman who would give birth to the Seed was going to be a Jewish Virgin and the devil was catching on. It was finally coming to pass.

So the Devil caused other nations to hate the Jews and kill them and at some point he wanted to completely get rid of them. And when others couldn't curse what God had blessed, he (the Devil) himself would entice the Jews to forsake God. Some left their first love and followed other gods and God allowed it since freedom of choice was part of creation. 

Because of this, they'd become slaves to other nations and would cry out for help and God would save them. And then they'd betray Him again and run off and worship demons and the demons would violate them and enslave them. And then they'd cry out again. And because of Gods promise He would save them again...and on and on it went from generation to generation. Until one day...

The time had arrived! The Virgin (her name was Mary) got a message from the Angel Gabriel. She was the chosen one, to conceive the Son of God and her soon to be husband received confirmation through a dream that everything was true. 

She was the one...and the Seed who was going to crush the head of the Serpent was months away.

Meanwhile, the Serpent was lurking through the earth, seeking and still wondering on Gods arrival, to perhaps destroy Him at birth or during pregnancy or as a child, whatever it took.

He was afraid, out of his mind - and so engulfed in fear that he killed all the baby boys where Jesus was born. 

He did this through the hands of the King during that time. Demons swarmed into him like flies and next thing you know, he kills hundreds of baby boys under two years old. And like a mad man (and Devil), he didn't have all the details so he grew paranoid since God kept hiding things from Satan's army.

His plan failed and the Boy lived because God protected Him. He grew full of knowledge and favor with society. It wasn't until He went to a river bank where his cousin John was baptizing people of their sins. That's when God introduced His beloved Son. Soon as He went into the water to get baptized by his cousin, God's voice was heard. This is my beloved Son. John heard it and many others did too. Things had now been official. He's the ONE!  

Making them slowly aware of who He was, God didn't disclose too much since the Devil was always around hearing everything. 

But still, not only were people being warmed up to His true identity, the Devil at last found Him and had Him exactly where he wanted. 

I wish I could tell you, Jesus was greeted with a gold crown πŸ‘‘, ruling over all the earth and putting away evil forever. 

Although He did perform miracles, He remained humble and rejected anyone who would try to crown Him as King on earth. He needed to complete the mission.

He was slow to show His authority among the people...the people He created, who in caparison to Him (and yet no one compares to Jesus) were as tiny ants. 

At any given moment Jesus was able to, with full justification, throw their souls into the fires of hell but He didn't. He came to save the world, not to destroy it. 

For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. John 3:17

But to save it how? His friends wanted some action already. In fact, His Apostles wanted to call down fire from heaven and destroy those stiff necked people they were dealing with (Luke 9:54). And Peter, one of His closest friends, forbade Him to wash his feet as Jesus was trying to make a point about servant-hood. 

They believed in Him, so why was He being so humble? Nobody understood. He could've just snapped His fingers and called out a legion of Angels, who were like watch dogs waiting for even the slightest move of His eyelids, to destroy those humans opposing Him. 

But Jesus kept Himself reserved and would get real quiet, always praying, drifting off somewhere to be alone. They had been waiting for generations for their Savior and now He's fasting, getting baptized like a sinner and eating with tax collectors. 

He didn't have to repent - He was God!  

Was He trying to teach humanity how to live? 

Was it a demonstration of another remind people of their frailty and to show them that love is the way? 

Yes...but the real picture was HE was the WAY.

He wanted the people to see watch Him, to model Him. 

It was all about Him and about them too, but they were only secondary because He was the GIVER of LIFE. 

Without their attention on Him, they were nothing . Without complete surrender to Jesus, they had nothing. Even if they loved each other and humbled themselves and served one another, without gazing and worshiping the Son, it was all in vain and God was not moved. 

Jesus wanted the people to watch Him all the way until the end. Keep watching. Don't turn away, Peter, look at me John and Thomas over here. I am the Life. I am the Door I am the Way, I AM GOD...your Creator. I am your Strength. 

At that moment, some got offended and left Him but others believed and those who believed stayed and kept watching Him. Jesus needed them to witness what was about to take place. 

So patiently they waited and kept asking, 'when will the Kingdom be established? But Jesus kept praying.

The people were getting restless and the religious teachers were getting upset. The world was getting frustrated.'

And all of a sudden, He revealed to them the meaning of the riddle. The part that nobody understood. 'He will crush your head and you will bruise His heel.' 

'I will be handed over to the Pharisees and they will turn Me over to the gentiles and I will be crucified and put Me to death but on the third day I will rise again.' Luke 18:31

Isaiah the prophet who had come before Jesus went into more details and wrote about how Satan was going to leave Him physically once he was finished with Him. Isaiah 53:5 That was the bruising part. But Peter refused to allow Jesus to get murdered. 'No, you can't let them do that to You, we know Who You are. You walk on water,You open blind eyes, You're able to forgive sins and turn small pieces of bread and feed thousands. WHY?' 

But Peter didn't remember the fall? 

God has not forgotten. And all the animal sacrifices the priest performed for the sins of the world, had to cease. 

God wasn't satisfied anymore. And His heart longed to rescue the world once and for all. 

The only way was blood! Not of a lamb but of ONE LAMB...the SPOTLESS and SINLESS LAMB of GOD WHO was UNTIL DEATH obedient to God the Father. 

No animal or person was worthy to save the earth. There was only One who was able to pull this off on a cross. And Jesus knew it! All creation knew it so He Himself laid His own life down for what Adam and Eve had done. No one took His life and 

That was the bruising.

So what was the crushing of the Serpents head?

If we continue to watch Jesus, to lean and love Him, to worship and believe Him, then what is the point if He's gone. How did the Serpent get crushed in all of it? It sounds like...Jesus was just tortured. 

But wait...God can't die, Jesus can't...

I WILL RISE AGAIN! Jesus reassures them Luke 18:33

And that was the complete meaning of the riddle. The Serpents head will be crushed when Jesus comes back from the dead.

This resurrection, this historical moment in history, demolished Satans Kingdom forever. HOW?

Jesus literally looked at Death in the eye, the same Death that Adam and Eve invited into the earth and told it, 'THEY ARE FORGIVEN - THE PRICE HAS BEEN PAID WITH MY BLOOD AND NOW THEY ARE MINE AGAIN.'

The trial was over. The Devil was screaming and hollering and roaring like a mad creature in the courts of heaven because souls were taken from him. Satan's plan was revoked and God's ANGER towards the human race was gone.

'But they are filthy and vile and born into sin.' The Devil sneers. 'But they have been reborn through my Son,' God smiles. 'But they are damaged goods,' the Devil argues. 'But I don't see the damage, I only see my Sons blood which makes them perfectly holy to whoever trusts in Him, 'God sighs and smiles again. 

'You cant do that they failed You and sinned against You, they don't deserve heaven. 

They deserve hell.' The Devil shrinks back. 'Yes, but the payment has been made and the charges have been dropped because of the cross. You are dismissed now. There's no more debt over their heads to whoever calls on His name.' 

And that day, as the Serpent slowly walked out of the courts of heaven in disbelief, he turned and asked God, 'so the ones who are covered in your Sons blood are Saved'? 

'Yes! They belong to me. They're not your property anymore. Whosoever calls upon my Sons name has a place in heaven.'

'But what about those who don't believe and don't repent?'

'They are your children...but they too have hope...

when there was no hope at all. And this is the HOPE...MY SON, THE HOPE OF GLORY who overcame death and the world. And whoever believes in Him will never thirst again. 

They will never hunger and they will never go back to you once they have tasted what I have demonstrated and displayed on the CROSS!

'Be gone now, my ARMY and CHILDREN need to begin spreading this GOOD NEWS.

My children will reveal what my Son has the ransom was PAID.

It is their duty to try to snatch them out of your they may see the Light in the midst of your deception. Good luck Fallen One - you have limited time before my Son returns to earth the second time.' 

The Devil trembles silently and growls terribly as he leaves the presence of God. 'Well if I'm going down, the whole world will too,' the Serpent mumbles.  

And off the Devil went to plot and plan as millions of names dressed his wall. Names of Christians, now his enemies. 

'These sons and daughters of the Most High are not like Adam and Eve.' The Devil stares intently. 'I can't just do as I please. Not anymore. Not ever. They're purchased.' He fades but still gazing at those who are now a threat to his kingdom 

A kingdom to ultimately destroy as many as possible...all of mankind if it were possible but now the Son of God, had redeemed them and MERCY had WON. Not judgement as he thought it would go. 

The fall was tragic and the payment was a demonstration of how much God LOVES us. Adam and Eve had it all and they wanted it back after they failed but it was impossible. 

Jesus brought it back by dying on the cross. He brought paradise back in our hearts and gave us peace again with God and soon paradise will be tangible when He returns.  

Jesus is coming again...make no mistake, but not washing feet or fasting or praying alone in the desert somewhere. Hes coming back like a Lion - not a finish the Devil off and put an end to all his evil. 

Every knee will bow and confess He is the ONLY Way to heaven - either willingly or by force!

It will literally be paradise on earth again, because of Jesus Christ the MESSIAH - when all is said and done! But you need to surrender to Him and make Him your Lord and become born again to dwell in eternity with HIM and not the Devil.

As I mentioned before, these blog posts of the fall are about being born again, which is what my song , 'Things Like This, is about. 

'Things Like This,' is not about the fall, but I wanted to thoroughly explain why we need to get born again. And to explain it, I needed to start way back with Adam and Eve. 

The first Adam destroyed the world and brought death but the Second Adam, which is Jesus, brought life and restoration by spilling His blood on the cross. That was the payment and the purchase for our salvation from the FALL. It was done for our mistake. 

If you want to accept Jesus Christ into your heart and become BORN AGAIN by the SPIRIT OF GOD, just say this prayer. 'Jesus I'm a sinner, please forgive me of my sins and fill me with Holy Spirit. I put my trust in you and I want to live for you for the rest of my life. I don't deserve salvation but damnation but because of your mercy I am confident that you will not turn me away. So please accept me and forgive me. Adopt me into the Kingdom of heaven and make me a child of the Most High God, In your name I pray. Amen.'

If you prayed that, I urge you to read your bible starting with John 1:1 and go to a local church and pray. Surround yourself with other Christians and please remember, never put your trust in other Christians or Christian leaders or Christian friends. 

Your faith should be in Christ alone. 

None of us are perfect. We're just trying to work out our salvation, but Jesus is! Respect your leaders and pastors and love your christian brothers and sisters but remember, the ONE who paid the ultimate price on the cross because of the fall. Only the KING and SAVIOR of the world.

Always remember your first LOVE. His name is Jesus the Christ and Messiah- the Son of the Living God who made it possible for us to BECOME BORN AGAIN.  

Many blessings,

Nova1322 πŸ’—


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