Falling Angels (Things Like This PART 5)

I recently explained the downfall of mankind in part 4 by the first human beings on earth who sinned against God. 

Adam and Eve did exactly what they were told not to do...

both ate the fruit from the forbidden tree.

And because they partook and gave in, everybody lost that day, even God. 

God lost His first human creation...His own children...to a piece of fruit. 

Or, was it to a talking serpent? 

It was definitely not the fruit alone that produced the fall; it was more like the serpent advertising the tasty fruit. 

The fruit in it of itself was no match for what the Creator of the universe had given to His children.

The master Tempter had to further indulge the situation and point out all the benefits for partaking the fruit in order for his plan to work. 

In fact, the cunning manipulator (the Serpent) had to pull all the strings to steal the hearts of Adam and Eve - turn their back on God, betray Him and ultimately be like Him, knowing all things. 


They already had everything. The whole earth was theirs in fact, 

and both were undying, never to taste death.

They even had peace with the animals (the most dangerous of them)and full access to the King. 

But still, they did what all of us would have done if we were in the garden of Eden with the Serpent. And just like them, we would have all been sentenced to death. 

The judge would have read us the same verdict,

with no one standing at our defense, but a talking serpent - now on its belly eating the dust of the ground and cursed above all the livestock. 


Charged with death, curses,  thorns, and separation from God...

'SEND THEM AWAY!' we would have heard resounding in our ears.

Things wouldn't have been so terrible if Adam and Eve were in a bad place to begin with, but they weren't. They were in paradise.

As for the devil, he had only a little to lose.  He was already evil. 

His innocence, already gone. 

But it wasn't always like that for him.  

He too, held a good position. Except he was in heaven, not earth. 

He was blessed like Adam and Eve.

And when I say, blessed...

he held one of the most glorious positions there ever was.

Ezekiel 28:12

“You were the signet of perfection,1

cfull of wisdom and dperfect in beauty.

 13  You were in eEden, the garden of God;

fevery precious stone was your covering,

gsardius, topaz, and diamond,

beryl, onyx, and jasper,

sapphire,2 femerald, and carbuncle;

and crafted in gold were your settings

and your engravings.3

iOn the day that you were created

they were prepared.

 14  You were an anointed jguardian cherub.

I placed you;4 you were on kthe holy mountain of God;

in the midst of the stones of fire you walked.

 15  You were blameless in your ways

lfrom the day you were created,

So how can a beautiful creature turn into such a monster? 

Was it his beauty that got the best of him?

I suppose whatever gift the Creator gives you is the very thing that has the potential to destroy you. 

God freely gives gifts, but with them come great responsibility...

since they can mesmerize us until we lose touch of reality. 

Suddenly, the simple human gets fixed on their treasures, like their beauty,

their ability to create wealth, their intelligence, talent, leadership, influence, charisma, problem solving techniques, their deep wisdom, keen understanding, physical strength, common sense or whatever the gift is and begin to forget where the traits came from in the first place.   

In Eves case, it was the gift of being the first woman in the entire world. The first one, along with Adam to call the shots and the first to discover the elements the seasons and first to rule the earth.

So when Eve heard the serpent say, God was withholding wisdom, that meant...if she ate, she would be the first woman in history with this new found knowledge.

This offer is what drove her to break up with the Giver and her only Father in heaven.

The gift of being first in line to understand good and evil as God understood it. This is what got the best of her.

In Adams case, his greatest gift was the woman! And Eve got the best of him. 

The serpents gift was different though. As you read above, it was the gift of glorious beauty and worship. 

You might of heard someone say, their beauty reminds  them of preciouses stones, well the serpent was made of every stone imaginable. 

He was a Cherub Angel. A type of entity whose sole purpose was to exalt God. 

As one could imagine, he had to look extraordinary to dwell in Gods presence. The serpent whos name was Lucifer orchestrated the praises to God and led the angels to worship the Father of Lights.

What a scene!

This angel guided the sounds and composed instruments, leading the praises of God while he himself bowed to the Most High God. 

There, before his Majesty with all his rubies intertwined in his wings, sapphires built in him almost shattering as he bowed to the One who gifted him with all the finest diamonds to worship, 

one day...perhaps as he was alone, looked at his reflection and said to himself, ' I'm the most beautiful creature ever lived.'

Isaiah 14:12

13  You said in your heart,

f‘I will ascend to heaven;

above the stars of God

gI will set my throne on high;

I will sit on the mount of assembly

in the far reaches of the north;3

 14  I will ascend above the heights of the clouds;

I will make myself like the Most High.’

 15  hBut you are brought down to Sheol,

to the far reaches of the pit.

And that's when it all ended for him. 

War broke out and the battle was on. 

The unfortunate part though was, he didn't fight alone. Some of the angels were 

listening closely to Lucifer, as their faces glistened from his brilliant rubies and the hues of royal colors arrayed their white robes. 

His beauty brought them down like lightning...

to the lowest pit. 

From the highest heights and now, to the lowest of the worst places of the world, he was, right

in the core of the earth! The deepest center. And the hottest place - prepared also for his followers.

'You are no longer Lucifer!' 

The Most High God thundered from heaven.

Or maybe, it was but a whisper that came out of His breath,  

as Satan, was now enclosed in Sheol,

completely stripped of everything given to him in glory. 

Once lovely but now wicked whos sole purpose is to steal... everything!

He too, heard God say, 'Away!'

So you see...

God never looses!

Just ask the serpent.

But wait, He lost his children - didn't He? 

And they meant more to Him than Lucifer, since he created them in His own image. 

These weren't Angelic beings, created for special duties, they were created from the earth.

Like a picture perfect human love with their Devine Creator,  

it was the most sacred human display on EARTH!

God esteemed them as the apple of His eye and His jealous protection covered them because they were vulnerable.

This was their reality - not a fantasy- but a perfect world.

And this bothered the Serpent.

He might have lost the battle in heaven, but he certainly got God in the Garden.

And the Fall was the end of their perfect story.

'I will dwell in Sheol but You, God will dwell up there in Your Kingdom knowing this...through my brilliant act, I destroyed Your family!' 

This was the serpents master plan as he slithered his way into the garden, 

aware of God's  inability to over turn justice. Where even if God wanted, showing mercy to those two, would be impossible!

There wouldn't be any redemption at all,

because Gods law was broken by His creation. 

And since God is PERFECT 

(with absolutely NO FLAW and unable to gaze upon SIN or have anything to do with injustice) they would be destined to die...

He'd ache in His heart for the rest of His existence, along with heaven...

And the serpent knew this.

His children SINNED and ate and CHOSE their destiny - willfully.

So the only MOVE was...punishment by DEATH.

And Gods move was justified. 

The Devils plan worked! 

But wait, 

What is this in the ears of the Serpent...while everyone whaled even the doom of the animal Kingdom was felt?

Everything was frowning even the apple blossoms were weeping in the wind. 

It was OVER!

'So what is God talking about, concerning the WOMAN and her seed? 


And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.”


The rage spikes. 

'Who's going to crush me?' 

Then suddenly, he remembers...SOMEONE!


I will finish this series next time and go in great detail about what happened in the Garden of Eden, but meanwhile, please listen to my song, 'Things Like This,' which is what this series is about. 

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