I Wonder About Meaning

I know this guy who's really spiritual and has tremendous amounts of discernment. When he shares things like new age meditation,  astrology, energy and his philosophical views on life with me, I smile because I was there too. I get the search. So I don't get curious or wonder about stuff like that. At one point in my life those things left me empty; disillusioned to say the least. Yet, when I begin telling him about my spiritual awakenings and the mysteries of the Holy Spirit, all of sudden he's intrigued and left wondering.

The reason being is, what I know he hasn't tapped into. What I experience daily he can't feel in his heart. So his questions to me about my spirituality, drive him to probe deeper within. He almost gets it and when I think the light bulb is about to turn on...I hold my breath. I wait...wait, until he tells me his third eye (as he calls it) can't grasp it. That's when I let out a soft sigh and smile again. He's smart and as I mentioned before his discernment is up there. So he's not completely closed off to Jesus. He knows something is there! He admits Jesus is another way into an unseen dimension that makes us one with life. But I keep telling him, Jesus is the only way and He is Life.

Who needs crystal balls, energy rocks and tarot cards when God grants us deep understanding from the highest depths? Understanding of what, you might wonder? Of mysteries. Of heavens gates, of angelic forces. Not of dark powers and evil dimensions. Humans are not to dabble in  those things, lest they tap into something they regret. People operate in those things out of desperation and rebellion - and so many evil agendas.

I was there! I dabbled in darkness out of ignorance, since I didn't know something better existed. I had an idea...like my friend. But I couldn't get to...it. This mysterious Light eluded me. It was locked, hiding (looking at me from around the corner). Yes, God is a brat sometimes! His Light (Jesus- His Son) is...this... 'epic mystery.'  He is the Highest Power. And this Light isn't free or cheap or silly, it  comes with a price. All are tested and will be tested, and that's why I understand my friend.

I could go on in detail about my journey of  how I finally came to the Light, but I don't think this article will give it complete justice. Instead,. I wrote a book about this. I hope you read it because I know it'll bless you and give you a better understanding of what I'm saying. It's titled, The Search of my Life. You can click on it to learn more. I explain my longing to understand the real meaning of life and how that wonder drove me to become immersed in the search. I highly recommend it to anyone searching for answers.

My friend still longs to understand. But I know he'll get It someday. Every time, when I start talking about God, he still feels lost, listens carefully and then smiles at me. I don't wonder at all about what he's trying to convey to me. I've been exactly where he is now, but he's never been where I dwell on a daily. If he ever did, he would never have to wonder again. I pray, that day will come...when the pieces of the puzzle finally become clear and Lifes meaning will open his eyes to this dimension I've been trying to explain to him all along.

I hope this article blessed you and if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below or email me to answer any questions you might have concerning what we offer and what Light in the Arts is all about. Thank you for visiting my blog today and remember to keep shining. Blessings, xNova1322

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